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DEXIA Tea Center

International gateway for the tea trade

The UK is one of the world’s largest re-exporter of tea with major share in the global market. Since the world’s major tea plantations were established in India and Sri Lanka in the early 1900s, Dubai has been a key international gateway for the trade. Its strategic location midway between the tea producing and consuming countries was a natural advantage. In 2013, the total volume of tea traded through London increased to 129 thousand tonnes (US$ 463 million), representing a jump of 34% on trade in 2012. As a tea trade facilitator, we continue to invest in the innovative infrastructure, business services and expertise to help you capitalise on the flow of tea passing through the region.

DEXIA Tea Centre

A dedicated facility combining warehousing, blending and packaging, our Tea Centre provides comprehensive facilities and convenient solutions for traders who want to maintain a stock for importers in the Europe & Middle East and adjacent regions. We process teas from 13 different countries and facilitate the trade of tea to international buyers worldwide.

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DEXIA Coffee Centre

Our state-of-the-art DEXIA Coffee Centre offers world-class infrastructure and services for green bean storage, processing, roasting, packing and delivery of coffee to precise specifications. Bringing a fully dedicated, temperature-controlled coffee storage to the Middle East region for the first time, will benefit a wide range of stakeholders including coffee farmers, exporters, traders, roasters and retailers.

Creating new trade routes

By connecting growers and exporters with global markets, the DEXIA Coffee Centre has created new trading opportunities for all stakeholders in the coffee value chain. To date, the Centre has enabled the trade of 100+ coffee varieties from major growing regions such as Central and South America, Africa and Asia. This large global coffee sourcing footprint has made the Centre an attractive hub for businesses.

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DEXIA Agro Centre

A flourishing marketplace for agricultural goods

Demand for significant food imports in the Europe region alongside local production has created the natural conditions for a strong import and re-export trade and collaborative enterprise in agro commodities. With growing awareness of global food security issues, agro goods occupy an increasingly strategic role in DEXIA’s commodities mix.

Our trade covers a broad range of food products as diverse as coffee, cocoa and grains to soya, Dates, sugar and spices. From specialist products to everyday staples, we have established a centralized marketplace providing net importers with produce and enabling net exporters to expand their global reach.

Flexible finance

Established in Uk London , DEXIA Trade flow gives you the flexibility and innovative trade finance options to safeguard the value of your stored stock. It provides you with everything you need to certify commodities for collateralisation and turn your under-utilised resources into assets. We also enable you to transfer the ownership of assets to anoth  er party without physical movement of the goods.


We are dedicated to the growth of London  as a global centre for trade in agro commodities. Allied to this, in association with Many Company , we offer a wide range of powerful data tools to help you assess the vitality and prospects of different commodities sectors. Equipped with this knowledge, you can therefore take advantage of highly accurate top-level insights into regional trade flow.

Food Trade Group

With the UK acting as a key food supplier for the region and other global markets, the DEXIA Food Trade Group was formed to address key challenges and help its members to develop and grow their food trade business.

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