Your trusted partner in the food trade our Groupe develop and grow their food trade business in the World.

DEXIA LTD, the Company on trade and commodities in London invites you to join the DEXIA LTD Food Trade Group, a dynamic industry network where you can find new

business opportunities as well as the practical guidance and tools needed for growth

Responsible Business Ecosystem

We are aware of our sphere of influence, and the impact we have on the lives and livelihoods of stakeholders. Therefore, we uphold the highest standards of ethical management to create a resilient foundation for positive impact. Our foundation is based on our task force members, internal policies, and guidelines. We continuously ensure our standards are improved and aligned with legal updates, and international Company. We take care of our ecosystem through knowledge sharing, periodic inspections, and open communication.

Operational Excellence

Our Company structure is designed to achieve optimal organizational policies and procedures to create an environment where our employees and customers can thrive. Our relationship with stakeholders is a priority, and we recognize that their success leads to ours.
We priorities customer service, the development and well-being of people, diversity and inclusion, and economic prosperity. Improving DEXIA’s operations results in the highest quality of service for our stakeholders.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors appointed pursuant to a decree of His Highness the Ruler of London is comprised of a chairman, a vice chairman, and a number of experienced and specialized members who undertake the general supervision of the DEXIA LTD.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee comprised of the Executive Chairman and CEO, COO, CFO and Executive Directors of departments of DEXIA LTD. The body is administered by the relevant regulation issued by the Board of Directors wherein the rights, duties, and terms of employment of the employees of the DEXIA LTD Executive Committee is determined.
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Your trusted partner in the food trade
our Groupe develop and grow their food trade business in the World. Why us?